EKOM Company

«EKOM» LLC was founded in 1991, today our company can be called one of the major manufacturers of steel doors, metal furniture (safes, cabinets, racks) in Belarus.

All the products of «EKOM» are certified and produced with modern metalworking equipment and  with the use of high quality components and materials.

The products of our company can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Metal cabinets: lockers, cabinets for cloakrooms, archive cabinets, filing cabinets, weapon cabinets,  office cabinets, deposit cabinets;
  2. Industrial metal furniture: workbenches, metal cabinets, trolleys, containers.
  3. Safes: bank safes, wall safes (built in), weapon safes, deposit safes;
  4. Metal racks: Archive racks, warehouse racks;
  5. Steel doors:  fire- resistant doors, residential doors, bank doors, office doors, multi-purpose doors;
  6. Bank equipment: special metal cabinets, safes,  trolleys, cover for ATM, deposit cabinets,  bank containers etc.;
  7. Special goods and products according to the individual drawings and requirements of the customers.

The Company «EKOM» is always opened for new contacts and has a big experience of launching new special projects with our foreign partners.


For your requests and orders please contact:

Mr. Sergei Zakharov, Export DPT.

mob. +375 (29) 6333-779

e-mail: export@ekom.by


«EKOM» LLC produces metal cabinets, safes, shelves / racks, workbenches since 1991.

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